(It's All) About Me

Dencil Williams - Artist/Actor, Performance Artist, Model, Art Psychotherapist
My art works consist mainly of four varying mediums- painting, illustration, ceramics and installations. Sometimes mediums are combined - painting and illustration, ceramic and illustration.

Subject matter is mainly informed by experience (highlighting difference) derived from growing up in the Bahamas until the age of sixteen, then Art School (St. Martins School of Art, London, England, 1977). Part of the Punk movement and the New Romantics, Blitz Kids.

Doing performance art led to film making/acting in several films, worked with John Maybury ("The Incompetence of Stupid Boys", "The Artist Coffee Table Manifesto"), Julian Temple ("It's Alright on the Night") Lindel Hobbs ("Stepping Out"), Isaac Julian ("Thrust", "Looking for Langston") and in a variety of television and stage productions from the leading role in the stage play "Scheherazade" to TV's "The Bill".

Creating and hosting the excessively popular, exclusive, private underground nightclub White Trash in both London and New York. Brief stints in the fashion world as a designer and then a model. Have also had collaborations in the music industry with varied artists.

The current body of my work is titled "I Am Having A Dream" - this is an analogy that I feel is similar in some respects to Dr. Martin Luther King's "I had a dream". This is derived from my life's experiences, thus I see my physical self as a living piece of art!